What's in the planner

- Quarterly plans and habits
- Ideal routines
- Calendar
- Monthly calendar
- Dated vertical weekly schedules
- Budget
- Yearly evaluation 2022
- Notes pages
- 2023 6 monthly index
- Dark Blue text in English and Japanese


- Sumi-e artwork endpapers.
- Record Indigo / Record Pfeffer / Cabra Black Leather Cover.
- Mohawk Specialty Paper 118GSM. FSC certified. Manufactured with wind power, carbon neutral.
- Section Sewn and Hard Case Binding.
- 3 Black Ribbons
- Handmade paulownia box
- Information booklet on planning


A planner is something you carry every day. As such, the materials used in this book are of the utmost quality to represent your aesthetic and give you joy while using it. Putting pen to paper allows you to connect to what you are thinking and gives you a tactile sense of what you are doing. Start to learn how you spend your time, identify what works and what doesn't for your day, and write down all your thoughts and plans in a place designed clearly and simply.


Planning goals

Quarterly plans, Habits and Brainstorming
Inkuco planner goal page

Weekly schedule

Inkuco planner weekly schedule


Inkuco planner monthly calendar


Inkuco planner budget page


Inkuco planner evaluation page



In Melbourne, together with the team at Inkuco, Hungry Workshop developed the cover design. It is a simple, delicate design that represents Melbourne's simple and modern aesthetic.

Sumi-e endpapers

We have been fortunate enough to have Junko Azukawa create a unique artwork using rare indigo ink for us, which is present on the endpapers of this planner. Using the Sumi-E technique, she has created an image of energy and confidence, showcasing a range and depth of colours in the special indigo ink. This has then been offset printed onto Mohawk 148gsm Superfine Eggshell paper which highlights the richness of the image.

Each time you open your planner, you will be greeted with this powerful, evocative image which we hope you enjoy.



The Inkuco 2022 planner comes with either coated book linen or recycled leather. 

The linen cover materials come from Bamberger Kaliko company, which began in 1864 in Bamberg. They have developed many innovative and durable cover materials, including the book linen used in the Inkuco 2022 planner, Record®. Record® is a 100% cotton coated cloth made in Germany that is PVC free and highly durable with rich colours. The Pfeffer (grey) and Indigo colours are elegant and luxurious, providing a minimal aesthetic and will withstand the year of use.  (@bambergerkaliko)

The black planner cover is made from Salamanders premium sustainable leather fibre fabric. Salamander, a family-owned company over 100 years old, is leading the way in using leather that would usually be thrown away into a durable, customisable, and luxurious product. They have expertise in leather that combines craftsmanship with modern design, innovation and sustainability. Their process provides a product that has the feel, look and smell of pure leather but is much more sustainable. The colour black is traditional, but the look is minimal and everlasting. 

Record Indigo

Record Indigo Cloth

Cabra Leather

Black Cabra Leather

Record Pfeffer

Record Pfeffer Cloth


This planner is made with Mohawk Specialty Paper, Via Vellum, a beautiful textured stock in a perfect shade of white. At 118GSM, the stock is thick enough to give the paper suitable thickness while not too heavy. 

This innovative USA company has showcased how to combine sustainability with high quality products. The paper is not only FSC certified but also manufactured with wind power and is carbon-neutral. (@mohawkpaper)


These planners were printed at Southern Impact in Melbourne. The pages were printed on a Heidelberg XL106 using offset printing. Using offset printing allows a softer, more integrated appearance of the ink on the paper. It is also very consistent, is high quality, and the colours are rich and vibrant.
Inkuco printing - Southern Impact


The binding was done by Marvel Bookbinding in Melbourne. It is case bound with cold glue to help the pages lay flat. Casebound books start with sheets of printed paper and are cut, folded and gathered. These paper signatures are saddle sewn into a book block which is also sewn together. This book block is then glued, in this case, cold glued, to the spine and cover along with the endpapers. The endpapers provide an excellent design feature but also help secure the book block to the case.


Inkuco planner box by Natural Wooden Box Co


The planner is presented in a box made by the Natural Wooden Box Co in Byron bay. The box is made from locally grown Paulownia, sustainable timber from a small local mill. Paulownia is a lightweight but sturdy wood that enables the products within it to breathe. The design is simple and demonstrates the natural wood.

Natural Wooden Box Co make everything by hand, and as such, whilst there are slight variations of each box, they are made to last and can be reused for many years to come.

Inkuco Planner booklet


Planning can be overwhelming at times; to overcome this, we have prepared a booklet that can assist you in planning your year, quarter, month and day. The booklet addresses all the features in the Inkuco planner, but please feel free to make the planner your own. The planner guide is in both Japanese and English text.

Inkuco postcard Junko  Azukawa artwork


This A6 card is printed on superfine eggshell paper with our unique Sumi-e painting by Junko. We just wanted to thank you for supporting us in trying to achieve something different. We strive to provide you with authentic products made with care that we hope you will have a genuine connection.

Made in... Melbourne

This planner is proudly made and designed in Melbourne. In future, to connect to the world, more designs and manufacturing locations will be utilised.